Reserve Firefighter Program

The District conducts reserve hiring processes on a as needed basis. The hiring process will be placed on the website once implemented. Although we will accept applications at any time throughout the year.

Reserve/FF applicants must have a minimum Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - Basic to apply. Firefighter 1 is preferred. Those applicants who do not have a Firefighter 1, must obtain it within 12 months of hire date. The District does not reimburse for Firefighter 1 Academy.

Reserve/FF is required to be on shift 48-hours a month, must complete a minimum of 3 hours of training a month, and attend one 3-hour continuing medical education session a month.

Fire more detailed information, please review:

Examinations Required

Applicants will be required to take the following examinations:

  • AIMS Community College Accu-Placer test 
  • Board Interview 
  • Chief Interview
  • Medical Skills Assessment 
  • Physical Agility Test

Test Scheduling

Applicants must schedule with AIMS Community College in Greeley, CO to take the Accu-Placer Test on their own. The test must be completed, and the results submitted to the Fire Chief prior to the position closing date for eligibility to continue in the assessment process. 

The fee for the Accu-Placer test is $25 and payment must be coordinated with AIMS Community College directly. The location and times for the test are as follows:

Testing Information

No reservation required. Please refer to the AIMS website for testing hours and study guides.

Test Location

AIMS Community College
College Center Building
5401 W 20th Street
Greeley CO, 80634


Call the Testing Center at 970-339-6533 or email the Testing Center for more information. Please email Josh Venerable, Training Captain the completed application and required information.