The Finance Section of the District is led by the Finance Director. Other employees include the District’s Accounts Receivable and Payable Administrative Assistants. The Finance Section provides assistance to all organizational sections in the areas of financial management, payroll, and employee benefits. 

The Finance Section's primary goal is to ensure the District remains fiscally responsible and offers transparent financial management at every level. The finance director provides monthly financial statements, as well as financial forecasting and modeling during the annual budget process. These processes are provided to the Fire Chief and the Board of Directors to assist them in making informed decisions for the District, its staff and the citizens they serve.

The Administration Section of the District is lead by the Fire Chief and correlation of Executive Staff members which include the District’s Finance Director, Assistant Chief of Operations, Assistant Chief of Planning and the Human Resource Manager. The Administration Section is responsible for all policies, standard operating guidelines, personnel records, employee benefits, insurance, risk management, strategic planning, human resources and all required governmental reports.

For any ambulance billing inquiries, please call 1-800-716-0993.

* Impact Fee Study (PDF)