Emergency Management

CodeRED™ Emergency Alert System

CodeRED™ has been used by Weld County since 2014 to allow public safetyCodeRED Image officials to alert residents and businesses about emergency situations. CodeRED notifies you when an emergency threatens your location, and allows you to enter multiple locations, such as a home address and a work address.

You should register even if you have a landline or VOIP phone that might be automatically included.

Go to weld911alert.com to sign up. You have the option to enroll as a guest, but we encourage you to create an account so you can log back in and update your information if it changes. You can use your Google, Facebook or Twitter credentials to create an account for a quick log-in process.

If you have a cell phone and use text messages, be sure to opt in for SMS alerts, which can often reach you where a voice call cannot.

If you don’t have access to a computer to sign up, please call the Carbon Valley Emergency Management Agency at (720) 526-6594. We would be happy to assist you over the phone.


We will always do our best to alert you to imminent danger, but we want you to be empowered to take action whenever you feel a situation is threatening your safety. Trust your instincts! Sign up for CodeRED emergency alerts at weld911alert.com to receive emergency and weather warning notifications.

To learn more about emergency preparedness, watch our recent virtual preparedness training here with (Passcode: U2UgG4*c)


Did you know?  CodeRED messages from Weld County public safety agencies will come from the following numbers:

866-419-5000 Emergency Alert for Emergency Notifications

855-969-4636 Community Alert for General Notifications

800-566-9780 Weather Alert for CodeRED Weather Warning Alerts (weather alerts are only sent for Warnings)

If you’ve already signed up for CodeRed emergency alerts, save these numbers in your phone so you will recognize them when we call! If you still need to sign up, go to weld911alert.com.  If you ever miss a call from one of these numbers, you can hear the last message delivered to your phone simply by dialing the number back.

CVEMA_colorAbout Us

The Carbon Valley Emergency Management Agency (CVEMA) was formed in late 2018 by an agreement between the public safety agencies and municipalities of the Carbon Valley: The towns of Firestone and Frederick, the City of Dacono, the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District, and Mountain View Fire Rescue.

In April 2019, the first CVEMA Coordinator was hired. Merrie Leach Garner has over 12 years of experience in emergency Management. Prior to joining CVEMA, Merrie was an emergency management coordinator for Weld County and Boulder County. She specializes in disaster preparedness, EOC operations, and “whole community”-based, inclusive emergency planning. She has worked as an emergency manager in blizzard, fire, and flood disasters, as well as numerous planned events and exercises.  Having worked previously as a dispatcher, special events planner and marketing director, Merrie loves connecting people with ideas, and is eager to establish a new agency

View the CVEMA service map (PDF).

Our Mission

CVEMA's mission is to empower everyone in the Carbon Valley communities to be as prepared and resilient as possible before, during, and after large-scale emergencies or disasters.

What we do BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER a disaster

Before a Disaster - Preparedness and Prevention

  • Evaluate Risk
  • Write, review and update emergency plans
  • Build relationships with all levels of government, the private sector (business and community organizations) and the public
  • Facilitate coordination between agencies involved in disaster response and recovery
  • Look for and document ways to reduce and eliminate the consequences of disasters
  • Connect people to plans
  • Help the community get ready for disasters (large and small) *
    • Teach people about individual and family preparedness
    • Build community resilience through continuity of operations planning (COOP)

* Request a preparedness or business continuity presentation below.

During a Disaster - Support Response

  • Manage the Emergency Operations Center
  • Manage information: Find and tell everyone what is happening
  • Manage resources: Getting the right stuff to the right place at the right time
  • Manage consequences: Find and solve problems

After a Disaster - Support Recovery

  • Facilitate Disaster Recovery for:
    • People affected by disaster
    • Infrastructure, like roads and buildings, that have been damaged or destroyed
    • Help affected businesses to keep the local economy strong
    • Support continuity of government

Help Us Help You in an Emergency or Disaster