Fire & EMS Battalions

The Fire and EMS Battalions are broken into three different shifts, A, B and C, and operate on a 48/96 schedule, 24/7, 365 days a year. Each shift has a Battalion Chief, who reports to the Assistant Chief of Operations, and who responds on calls with the crews on their shift. When not running calls, the crews stay busy making sure they are prepared for any emergency or non-emergency service call.


Firefighters (either career or reserve) are highly trained in firefighting skills, Emergency Medical Care, and Specialty Rescue Techniques. Firefighters initially complete 280-hours of firefighter training and over 300-hours of emergency medical training. Every three years, each firefighter has to complete 96-hours of continuing education to maintain their Colorado State Firefighter certification and to maintain their Emergency Medical Services (EMS) certification.

Minimum Standards

The minimum standards that are maintained by Frederick Firestone Fire are Colorado State Firefighter 1, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - Basic, and Hazmat Operations Level. While this is the current minimum level, several members within our Department are Colorado State Firefighter 2, Colorado State Fire Officer 1, and Colorado State Driver Operators.

Paramedic Training

As well, our Department requires that at least two firefighters on each shift are trained as Paramedics. This training offers advanced cardiac life support when a fire truck/engine/ambulance arrives at a medical emergency. Our service goal is to provide emergency services within 5.5 minutes within the district.

Each firefighter, while assigned or by volunteering their time during a 48-hour shift, will partake in:

  • Vehicle operational checks and inventories
  • At least two hours of physical fitness
  • Conducting fire safety inspections
  • Providing fire station tours to the community
  • Inspecting child safety car seats
  • Completing required daily fire or EMS training