Safety & Medical

The Safety and Medical Officer or SAM Officer position, was first established within the District in 2018. As the demand for services continues to increase, this position helps to ensure that the highest standards of safety and patient care are delivered to our customers.  This is accomplished through 100% case review, continuing medical education and fire ground training.

The SAM Officer works closely with the Training Captain and the Assistant Chief of Operations in the Operations Section. The SAM Officer performs a variety of tasks including; administrative, EMS quality assurance/quality improvement, assists with the implementation of the Fire District's fire and EMS training programs, responds to emergency calls, represents the Fire District at functions and meetings and acts in the capacity of the Fire District's Safety Officer while adhering to the Fire District's Risk Management Plan.

Daily Responsibilities

  • Respond to high acuity emergency medical calls, auto extrications and fires
  • Directly observe patient care being delivered on emergency and non-emergency calls for service.
  • Provide constructive feedback to medical providers
  • Take proper safety precautions, anticipate unsafe circumstances, and act accordingly to prevent accidents thus keeping citizens and responders safe.
  • Ensure all personnel are functioning at an efficient and safe level.
  • EMS care/reporting quality assurance/quality improvement
  • Act as the liaison between the District and the District’s Medical Director
  • Obtain patient follow-up from receiving hospitals
  • Ensure provider compliance with adopted EMS protocols
  • Oversee EMT and Paramedic Field Instruction process
  • Assist in Fire Investigations
  • Assist in implementing the District's fire and EMS training programs