Performance Dashboard

The performance dashboard is meant to show live response data. 

The gauges shown illustrate response times to incidents. These incidents have been deemed an emergency and are received through the District's dispatch center, Weld County Regional Communications. The below data shows the average and median response times, as well as response times at the 90th percentile or under 9 minutes. The 90th percentile or under 9 minutes is a national average that the District also measures.

Response Time = The amount of time from the point that the apparatus begins the response until they arrive at the scene. 

Emergent = Incidents that are deemed an emergency by the 911 Center. These types of incidents to calls require an urgent response.

Non-Emergent = Incidents that do not require an urgent response, but help is still needed or required.

90th Percentile = 90% of calls fall into this time frame. While an "average" shows the average response time, the 90% measures a picture of 90% of calls - what 9 out of 10 of our responses provide.

Under 9 Minutes = The Under 9 MInutes measure is a national standard for emergency services.

Apparatus = District emergency response vehicles, which include ambulances and fire trucks and engines.

EMS = Emergency Medical Services.

This map is interactive. You may scroll to zoom in or zoom out as well as move around the map.