CodeRED Emergency Alerts

CodeRED™ has been used by Weld County since 2014 to allow public safety officials to alert residents and businesses about emergency situations. CodeRED notifies you when an emergency threatens your location, and allows you to enter multiple locations, such as a home address and a work address.

You should register even if you have a landline or VOIP phone that might be automatically included.

Go to to sign up. You have the option to enroll as a guest, but we encourage you to create an account so you can log back in and update your information if it changes. You can use your Google, Facebook or Twitter credentials to create an account for a quick log-in process.

If you have a cell phone and use text messages, be sure to opt in for SMS alerts, which can often reach you where a voice call cannot.

If you don’t have access to a computer to sign up, please call the Carbon Valley Emergency Management Agency at (720) 526-6594. We would be happy to assist you over the phone.

For more information, please visit the Carbon Valley Emergency Management (CVEMA) Page.