Public Works Projects - RFPs & RFQs

The Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District (District) is soliciting a request for proposal (RFP) for public works projects to be provided for the District.  These are all Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) public works projects as identified within the RFP. The District conducts a Qualifications Based Selection process to retain aforementioned services identified within each RFP.  The qualified vendor(s) will enable the District to significantly enhance the quality of services and provide a value add to the District and its citizens. The services provided by the selected vendor(s) will include preparation of final bidding and specification documents, preparation, and submittal of a final quote for all services to be provided by the vendor, any necessary consultation meetings, supplies, setup and installation of required hardware or software. Please see the list of request for proposals for the District below. 

Request for Proposal (RFP)

  • FFFPD 75' Quint Fire Truck RFP 2023-05 (CLOSED)
  • FFFPD Type III Ambulance RFP 2023-04 (CLOSED)
  • FFFPD Administration Remodel RFP 2023-03 (CLOSED)
  • FFFPD Fire Station #5 RFP 2023-01 (CLOSED)
  • FFFPD Type III Ambulance RFP 2022-02 (CLOSED)
  • FFFPD Ambulance Billing RFP 2022-03 (CLOSED)
  • FFFPD Type 6 Engine RFP 2022-04 (CLOSED)
  • FFFPD Rescue Engine RFP 2022-05 (CLOSED)

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

  • FFFPD Administration Remodel RFQ 2023-02 (CLOSED)
  • FFFPD Fire Station #5 RFQ 2022-01 (CLOSED)